Tuesday, November 15, 2011


There is so much I can do for Abby that I have control of. I can work at making sure she developes a positive view of her  blindness and how that affects her self esteem. I can work hard at making sure she gets the best education I can. (check it out Abby is in Future Reflections) These are things I can control. I have realized there is  one thing I can't control are peoples negatives perceptions of those that deal with blindness.

Two things things this past week showed me again that Abby's biggest challenge isn't her education or mobility. No her biggest challenge is dealing with other low expectations of what she and other blind people can do.

First I watch MTV True Life's "I'm Losing My Sight"

It includes the story about Jeremy who is affected by the same rare disease as Abby.  Since this show he has become the blind golf world champion and has raised tons of money for research.  It was during Blanca's  story that something really hit me.   It was a simple scene Blanca was applying for a job. A job she should have had no issues doing than the interview found out about Blanca's blindness and the tone of the interview changed.   It was very alarming for me.

The second thing is I read a blog by an author. A young woman who was published right out of high school. The writer's name is Koby Keplinger and she also happens to be blind.  When she was first published way to much attention was put on her blindness which really minimized the accomplishment. She made the desision not to discuss her blindness and would even 'hide' it.    Her story is remarkable because she was published so young NOT because she she is blind.  Its actually kinda funny with all jobs and occupations out there there is nothing remarkable about being author who is blind.  Read her blog here. http://kodymekellkeplinger.blogspot.com/2011/11/confession-about-my-disability.html

Abby is a bright, caring sassy and funny girl.  That didn't change when she became blind.  She is the same girl.  Its how the world sees Abby that has changed.


PletcherFamily said...

This blog post is perfect. We feel the exact same way. It is hard for the world to see Finley for the funny, sassy, smart kid she is because they can't get around the face that she is going blind.

holly said...

Wow. Loved all of your links.

Anonymous said...

Great! thanks for the share!

Jessica said...

Totally agree with you here. Blindness is a part of her but it's not who she is.

I want people to see my son for the cool little man he is, not oh that poor blind kid. Really, they are just children and they should be treated like kids first and foremost.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Great ''perspective'' please continue on your adventures!