Monday, May 23, 2011


Abby playing in a big puddle with her cane in the rain.
Have you ever heard "When life gives you lemons... make lemonade"  Abby has.  

I caught this moment a few days ago. It has been raining. I was I just picked the kids up from school and I was trying the hurry the kids to the car so we could get out the rain.  Abby had rain boots on and decided it was a good time to use them and splash around in the rain. I tried to get her to stop but she saw a moment she wasn't going to let pass.

Abby is like this a lot.  Through everything that has happened with her the past year she has remained remarkably upbeat.  

Yes she has had times when she has been down but all and all she is doing pretty well. She has kept up with math.  She is also slowly making progress with reading.  She is very motivated. It just takes time and progress. Losing ones vision is a traumatic experience.  Abby just wants to be a kid and doesn't really have time to waste feeling sorry for herself.  

She is still rides her bike. She rides mostly on closed roads and at the park but she is still riding. She learned to ride her bike without training wheels last summer. This was the same summer she slowly was losing her vision.  
Abby rinding her bike on a closed road

 So the next time it rains don't forget to play in the puddles. 


pam said...

You are so right, Penny! I am constantly in awe of her positive can-do attitude!

Penny said...

Well if anyone has had to deal with Abby's bad days its you Pam LOL. I had a section talking about her being a grump sometimes but took it out.